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Chimney Sweeping

All types of chimneys and flues swept.


Bird Guards and Caps Supplied and Fitted

It is vital to have your chimney swept regularary to remove soot and blockages . This prevents chimney fires and allows deadly combustion gases to be safely vented through the chimney. Clean chimneys burn more efficiently, which will save you money.

Prevent birds being trapped in chimney breasts.Deter birds roosting on chimney pots leaving unsightly droppings,and prevent birds from building nests in chimneys to maintain normal ventilation.Prevent costly expenses to rectify any of these problems.

Flue Liners Supplied and Fitted

A multi fuel chimney liner is used for relining masonry chimneys. It has a twin wall construction, the outer being deeply corrugated, whilst the inner is smooth bore. This type of flexible chimney liner is ideal for wood burning stove installations, multi fuel stove installations and open fires.

Wood Burning Stoves Fitted

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves can transform any home. Not only are they a cost-effective solution to the problem of soaring gas and electricity bills, they emit fewer carbon pollutants than other energy sources and create a welcoming atmosphere and focal point in the living area.

Birds and Bird Nests Removed

CCTV Inspections

It is very common for birds, usually Jackdaws, to set up home in a chimney that is rarely used. the nest can be huge and will block the chimney completely, leading to dangerous gases entering the house and the possibility of a chimney fire.

M Barks  chimney sweep Nottingham

A CCTV inspection is where a CCTV camera is put up the chimney showing the condition of your chimney.This can help you make a decision when opening up a chimney that has not been used for a while, if you are looking at a change of use or check for blockages.A CCTV inspection can also pick up faults in a chimney liner such as holes or installation faults.

If you are looking at buying a property with a chimney, it is a good idea to have the chimney checked before buying.

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